Alberta Online Visitor FAQ's

Do I need to create an Alberta Online visitor profile if I only want to search the site?

No. Searching the site does not require you to do anything.

A visitor profile is needed only if you wish to place a classified ad or receive notifications.


How do I create my Alberta Online visitor profile?

It’s easy! 

If you want have a visitor account, simply click on “Create an Account” on the home page, enter your e-mail & choose a password and you are done. 

A confirmation email will be sent to you. If you don't receive it within 10 minutes (it's usually immediate) check your SPAM folder! Click on the link and it will activate your membership.

You need to confirm your registration within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation email or it will time out!


What does my Alberta Online visitor account do for me?

It allows you to place classified ads, receive notifications & save your favourite classifieds.


What is the Dashboard and how do I use it?

Dashboard is found in “My Account”.  

In your Dashboard you have the following areas that you can change:

  • Settings (key word notifications & request email notifications) 
  • Account Info (update your profile, share a referral, view contacts)
  • Classified Ads (place, search or edit)
  • View your favourite ads


How do I register to get notifications?

After you have created a visitor profile or upgraded membership, choose the notifications that you wish to receive. 

Go to your “Dashboard” and under “Settings” choose the “yes” option and choose your key words or phrases.

You can change your mind at any time and be removed from any/all of the notification lists


What is the cost for notifications?

Nothing! All notifications are free!


Can I cancel the notification option?

Yes, at any time! Just uncheck the box requesting notifications.


Do I need an Alberta Online account to get notifications?

Yes you do, but creating a visitor account is as simple as entering your e-mail and creating a password.


How do I search the site?

Basic Search:

Located at the top header of Directory Classifieds and Deal Checker is the “Basic search” with key word and category search fields.  

The basic search pulls classifieds and member listings from your geographical location. 

For Deal Checker the basic search pulls results based on category and city.


Advanced Search: 

Advanced search is located on the upper right hand side of the site header.  

Choosing Advanced Search allows you to do a more detailed search of Classifieds and Directory Listings.

Fill in one or more input fields to be as detailed on your search as you want to.  It also allows you to search areas outside your geographical area by choosing the city you wish to search.

Leaving the location blank will expand your search to include the entire site


What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on the “forgot password” and a password reset will be sent to you by email.

Use the new password to reset with your chosen one.


How do I manage my Alberta Online visitor account?

Manage your visitor account through your dashboard.


How do I cancel my Alberta Online visitor account?

Send us an email. We will take you out of the site data base.

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