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There are two ways to list your business with Alberta Online:


Full Service:

Initial set up with 3 year listing FREE until further notice.

Too busy for self serve?  Email or call 403-352-1371 and we will do the work for you!

We can also tailor a Full Service Value Package that suits your business needs & multiplies the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.

Contact us for details:  or call 403-352-1371

We connect it seamlessly with your existing online presence to give your business 3 additional points of contact with your customers!


Self Service:

Quick, easy, cost effective.

  1. Create an Account with Alberta Online   (Create an Account)
  2. Confirm your account (respond to confirmation email)
  3. Upgrade Account (Upgrade Account
  4. Fill in your companies information
  5. Pay through PayPal  **amount owing will be $0.00**

For more information: Directory  |  Classifieds  |  Deal Checker |  Store Functionality |  Pricing  |  Visitor

Self Serve is FREE until further notice.

Self Serve Directory Listing with web page    Works out to:   
12 month - $0.00 Free
24 month - $0.00 Free
36 month - $0.00 Free


Need to sell products or services online?

Optional Online Store/Shopping Cart Upgrade.  

-Add your Paypal email to your Business Listing (for detailed steps click here)

-Go to your Business Listing Dashboard and click “Upgrade” in the Online Store/Shopping Cart option then follow the directions         

It’s that simple but we are here to help. 

If you have any questions: 403-352-1371 (between 9am - 5pm MST) or  


What is included:

Visitor Profile:

-   Always Free!

  • Unlimited Classifieds - Free!
  • Create a notification “wish list” - also Free

Business Listing package:

  • Full web page with unlimited content (included)
  • Unlimited links to phone, email, website, social media (included)
  • Unlimited Classifieds (included)
  • Deal Checker (included)
  • E-commerce through Paypal (included)

Online Store/Shopping Cart Upgrade:

  • Create your own online store
  • Unlimited number of products can be listed
  • $5/per month with a current business listing


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