Alberta Online Deal Checker FAQ's

What is Alberta Online Deal Checker?

Deal checker showcases up to 10 of your businesses products and services bringing customers to your web site, store front or other marketing campaigns.  With only 5 businesses per category, it ensures your business will stand out in an otherwise crowded world.

Do I have to have an upgraded Alberta Online membership page to list with Deal Checker?

Yes you do. 

Go to “Create an account” and fill in the required fields to upgrade your membership. 

Once you are an upgraded member, you can list with Deal Checker and create an unlimited number of deal checker pages. 


How do I become an upgraded Alberta Online member?

It’s easy.  

Once you’ve become a basic member, go to “My Account” Choose “Dashboard”. 

From your dashboard go to “Membership Info” and click the link “would you like to upgrade your account”.  

This takes you to the “Become an Alberta On-Line Exclusive Member” page. 

Scroll to the bottom and click “Upgrade Today”. 

This will take you to the “Member Sign Up” page.  

Member sign up page - Fill in the required content: 

(Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens)

  • Business information
  • Contact Info
  • Membership length 
  • Categories - You’re allowed to pick 5 (If there is a classification you would like us to add to our site let us know! (
  • Key words - These help your customers find you more effectively through the search option
  • Social media - Add any links for your social media accounts

Once you hit “Save” it will take you to the “payment” page. 

Enter the “Referral Code” if you have one and a “Discount/Promo Code” if you have one. Choose “save” and your account is upgraded.

If you have chosen the 24 or 36 month options proceed to “payment”.  Choose “save” and your account is upgraded.


What is the listing fee for Alberta Online Deal Checker?

Deal Checker is included with every Alberta Online Listing:  


No time to create/manage your Deal Checker?  We can do that for you!  

Let us create a full service package that will meet your businesses budget and needs.  

Call 403-352-1371 or email:


How do I create my Alberta Online Deal Checker page?

Go to “Dashboard” and scroll down to “Deal Checker” and choose “Join Today”.  Follow the prompts. 


How do I edit my Alberta Online Deal Checker page?

Go to “Dashboard” scroll down to “Deal Checker”. 

Choose “Add a listing” and fill the required fields for each listing. 

NOTE: Add your image last

***There is a 2MB limit per image upload.  Most images will be below this limit.

Choose “Submit”.

Repeat for up to 10 items per Deal Checker page.

(Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens. Each time you "submit" it saves your info)


How do I view my Alberta Online Deal Checker page?

To view your Deal Checker go to “My Account”.

Choose “View my member site”.  

At the bottom of your member page choose “View my Deal Checker”.


How do I change the order of my Alberta Online Deal Checker listings? 

To change the order that your listings appear go to “Dashboard”. 

Scroll down to “Deal Checker” and choose “Reorder”. 

A page will come up with all your listings in the order that they currently appear. 

Choose “Reorder listings” and follow the prompts. Remember to save the changes!


What is the Waitlist for Alberta Online Deal Checker?

There are only five Deal Checker pages allowed for each category!

When all five are taken for the category you want, you can choose to be put on a waitlist to be notified when a spot becomes available in that category.


How do I manage my account?

Go to My Account and choose one of the seven options.

Have a question not on the list?

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